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What is Ecommerce - About Us

What is Ecommerce and ecommerce websites - About Us

We have been involved with ecommerce and websites since 2002 and want to share some of our expertise and experiences to help you to understand and use ecommerce.

Ecommerce is a exciting and interesting part of the internet – it enables us as consumers to view, compare and purchase products online and then have them shipped to us. It enables business to market and sell online to improve their services to clients and improve profitability.

If you are new to ecommerce then we have articles that will help you to gain a better understanding of how it all works and how you can become involved.

If you’re already using ecommerce for your business then we also offer a series of articles that are designed to give you information that will help you to improve your website.

If you have a new topic or article that you would like to see then please email us with your suggestions – ecommerce changes rapidly and we aim to update our information and provide new information on a regular basis.

We also have relationships with a number of companies (some that we run) that offer services in hosting, website design & development, shopping carts and online stores, content management systems, search engine optimization, social media, newsletters and emarketing.

They are happy to provide no obligation quotes if you are looking to engage a professional organisation to work on your website.

We are also happy to answer questions so please email us.