Do not take the direct traffic to your ecommerce website for granted

Direct traffic to your ecommerce website is defined on as “The number of visitors who directly accessed your site. Direct visits can be the result of bookmarks, browser home page, or manually typing in your domain URL. In other words, these visitors did not click on a search engine result, PPC ad, or link to access your site.”

Essentially these visitors already know about your website and have most likely visited the website before or has found your details through another means eg referral or traditional advertising.

Warning: do not take the direct traffic to your ecommerce website for granted as it’s an essential part of your online business and you do not want to see this decrease over time.

One of my clients was increasing their traffic month by month over the last 3 years and then mid way through this year the direct traffic started to decline significantly. They were very concerned about this and so were we, as we knew that a lot of this traffic in the past was coming from their best customers. The amount of traffic that your website has also impacts upon your keyword ranking position in on the search engines as well.

After some brain storming we came up with the following

1. There had been a expectation by the owner that direct traffic would be consistent over time and even continue to grow – in my experience this is not the case.
2. We didn’t have enough information about these clients and so we needed to be smarter in gathering information about them and what they wanted from the website, how often they wanted us to communicate with them and how we could help them.
3. We needed to significantly increase our marketing activities for these clients with the information that we gathered.

These clients had been neglected to a certain degree, and taken for granted that they would be back visiting the website each month. Look after your direct traffic and it will contribute to the success of your ecommerce website.