Do you know enough about your ecommerce website customers?

You need to know your ecommerce website customers so that you understand their needs and why they are visiting your website and buying your products.

Old models of advertising are dead for ecommerce which are based around mass marketing on tv or in print. The vast majority of people who see these adverts will never become your customer or care about your products.

Investigate and understand the customer journey that brought them to your website and you will gain insight into your customers requirements.

Find out who cares about your product and the reasons why this is the case and then provide them with great products and great service.

Focus your marketing on people who will listen to you and forget about the rest.

Be remarkable for these people by giving them what they want and many will become loyal customers. The bonus is that they will spread the word about your business.

Make sure that you are always listening to your customer so that you can modify your marketing as their needs change.

Knowing your ecommerce customers will help in building a successful ecommerce business and spending your marketing dollars in the best way possible.