Great tips on what you need to get your ecommerce website setup and running

Here are some great tips on what you need to get your ecommerce website setup and running:

Select a website design and logo that will represent your business and branding.

Select a ecommerce platform that will offer you the features that you require on your website and that is secure from hackers.

Select a web hosting package that will run your website and make sure it comes with a backup/disaster recovery facility.

Find a website designer, developer, hosting provider to provide the above – this could be one company or it could be thre companies – find someone who will offer you good service and that can work in your budget. There are thousands of companies and businesses that offer these services so it can be hard to find a good one – choose carefully as a bad choice will waste your time and money. Please dont expect top quality service for a small budget – this simply doesnt happen.

Organize your category and product listing and the images that you will use on the website

Make sure that your images are optimized for use on the internet and that they are of high quality.

Choose your shipping and payment options that you will offer on your website.

Organize all of your content that will be shown on the website and make sure that you have information on your website for important topics such as about us, contact us, terms & conditions etc.

Search engine optimization – make sure the website is setup to maximise this to give you great natural results on the major search engines.

Your emarketing strategy needs to be created and planned to ensure that you get traffic to your website.

Make sure that you are integrating your website with social networking and determine how you will use it in your business.

You can use these tips to get your ecommerce website up and running.