Increase your ecommerce website profile

We recommend that you take steps to increase your ecommerce website profile.

The aim of your ecommerce website is to increase online sales and inquiries plus have a high profile on the internet. If you have invested significant time, effort and money into establishing your website then you will want to benefit from this investment.

Here are our steps to improve your website profile:

1. make sure your website has good search engine optimization (SEO)

2. use social media to increase your audience and to be able to provide them with the latest news & information about your products & services – the best services to use are facebook, google+, twitter and linkedin. There are many others you may consider and apps that you can use as well. Your potential customers are using social media and so its essential that you engage with them on social media.

3. consider using paid advertising on sites such as google adwords and facebook as these can be very effective at gaining more website traffic

4. is your website mobile friendly – if not then your keyword rankings will be suffering on google – 20 to 30% of all website traffic are now viewed using a mobile or tablet device

5. is your website design attractive and easy to use – many ecommerce websites have a poor design which is not good for business

6. do you have good content? You want to provide good quality information about your products & services to visitors and build trust in your business

7. are the images and photos that you use on your website high quality and do they improve the customers experience when they look at your website

8. how well do you communicate with your customers via newsletters and email – check what you are sending out and view it as a customer would and ask some of these questions – does it make sense? is it up to date? is it well written? are there any spelling errors?

9. do you regularly review how many visitors that you get to your website – this information is valuable and should be considered when using social media and paid advertising to determine how effective it is and review your marketing strategies

10. take a look at your competitors websites and marketing strategies to identify where they are performing better than you are – it can be used to identify where you can make improvements on your ecommerce website

11. employ a expert in some or all of these areas to look at ways to improve your website – web design, SEO, marketing, content and social media

Take action today to review & improve your ecommerce website profile and you can gain more traffic and increased sales.

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