Offering Sales and Discounts on your Ecommerce Website

Most customers are still interested in sales and discounts that are on offer on your ecommerce website.

These customers are sensitive to price and will be keen to visit your website when you have these offers.

Discounts and especially using coupons can be used to target specific customers or offers rather than a across the board sale.
They can be used for the following scenarios:

discounts for a first time customer
discount coupon to a new customer to be used with a short period of time after the first order
free shipping
offer a special discount to your best customers
% off discount for sales over a certain dollar value
discounts to customer who havent ordered for a period of time
free gifts for orders over a certain dollar value
a discount coupon that can be given to a friend

Offering sales during the year across the whole website or a range of products is also a great tool.

The aim of offering sales and discounts is to encourage customers to visit your website on a regular basis and to maintain or increase your sales. It should also be integrated with your marketing especially your email/newsletter’s and social networking.