SEO advice for business

Here are our SEO advice for small business.

SEO can be difficult for business owners. There are many providers but most of these are either a scam or they will simply waste your money.

Be wary of any provider who does the following:

1. Offers to make keywords number one in google
2. Want you to signup for a 12 month contract
3. Has bad reviews on SEO forums
4. Offers a guarantee for keyword ranking
5. Wants to take control of your adwords campaign
6. Wants to modify your website but wont tell you what they want to change
7. Use blackhat methods
8. have a slick sales process
9. the work being done overseas
10. quick fixes

A good provider will do the following:

1. talk with you about your website and business goals
2. review your website structure and content and identify improvements for SEO
3. suggest new articles and content that can be written for your website and places that these can be published that are appropriate for your website
4. identify external websites where links to your website can be added
5. work with you on your paid advertising campaigns

There are no quick fixes for good SEO – it takes time and effort to improve your keyword rankings.

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