Should I offer Free Shipping on my Ecommerce website

You should consider offering free shipping on your ecommerce website.

This encourages customers to complete a online purchase as there are no additional costs when placing a order. The order process is very important in completing a sale and it will help the customer in this process, especially if they are sensitive to the total cost of order.
Customers are also wondering why they need to pay extra costs for ordering online when there are no extra fees when ordering in-store.

It can also give you an advantage over your online competitors as their shipping costs are shown as additional costs.

There are many ways that free shipping can work on your site and you look at works best for your customers

Here are some examples

free for orders over a certain amount
free for first time customers
free for all orders
free for a combination or products
free for certain quantities of products

Look at your shipping options today and work out if you can offer your customers a better deal.